:: Game ratings

All games are original broadcasts unless otherwise noted.

All games are complete unless otherwise noted.

Rating Description
10.0 This is a Blu Ray master recording, as close to perfect as you can get
9.5 Game rated (EX+) This is a master recording from an HD feed. No flaws.
9.0 - 9.4 Game rated (EX) This is a game in Excellent condition wit no visible flaws.
8.5 - 8.9 Game rated (VG+) This is a VHS transfer to DVD in very good plus condition. Not quite the (EX) rating but very close.
8.1- 8.4 Game rated (VG) This is a VHS to DVD transfer of a game in typical condition. It's not perfect but pretty nice.
7.5 - 8.0 Game rated (VG-) This game is still very good however many flaws are now visible. Panning on far away shots may be blurry.
7.0 - 7.4 Game rated (GOOD) Multi generation recording, now showing many signs of wear. Jitter, tracking issues, ghosting, picture roll all possible.
6.5 - 6.9 Game rated (FAIR) This game is still watchable but with major issues. Expect major wear along with jitter, ghosting and/or tracking issues.
6.0 - 6.4 Game rated (POOR) Any game rated 6.4 or lower is poor. Parts of the game may be tough to watch. Any game in poor condition is for die hards only.

Any disc that you receive that is bad, or does not place will be replaced.

If you receive a game missing some plays, I apologize but those games will not be replaced. I make every effort to list the flaws in the game description but sometimes I may miss something. You can email me and I will update the listing. No game should be considered perfect.

Directory of flaws listed:

Flaw Description
Jitter This is when the picture has a slight vibration in it.
Ghosting This is when you see a shadow of the image behind the image, giving it a ghosting effect.
Edited Huddles This is the worst, this is when the original recorder decided to cut out the huddles or delays in the game. The broadcast usually goes from one play immediately to the next play. Similar to the NFL network short cut version.
Dead time edits This is not as bas as edited huddles but the game still has some edits. Maybe the original recorder cut out when they went back to the studio for a game update. Maybe they cut out penalty calls, or when a player was injured, they may have cut that out as well. All probably to squeeze the game in on one 2 hour VHS tape.
Tracking issues This is pretty common flaw in some older VHS to DVD transfers. If near the bottom of the screen, it may not take away from the picture but a game with overall bad tracking can definitely take away from enjoy the viewing process.

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